Chatbots as Employee Digital Personal Assistants: How Chatbots Can Transform the Workplace

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For the longest time, chatbots have been leveraged by companies and organizations for customer service and transactions. Now, the next step for chatbots is to undertake internal functions and be utilized for improving employee experience.

By automating time-consuming, routine tasks, chatbots will not only help businesses reduce operating costs but will also boost productivity and save employees’ time by enabling them to focus on more strategic or creative work. Here’s how chatbots can integrate different business units and transform the workplace:

Management Support

Work management is one of the possible use cases for chatbots. Management teams can use a chatbot to assign tasks, manage workflows, and track progress while employees can check and be notified of upcoming deadlines. With a chatbot on your team’s preferred messaging platform, you can make way for improved employee performance and efficiency and better team alignment.

Administrative Support

A chatbot can streamline administration by dealing with tasks like scheduling meetings, booking venues for meetings, and sending meeting invitations and reminders to employees. It can be programmed to remember the role of the employee or user and create an exclusive calendar for managing appointments and agendas.

As for sales and customer service teams, the chatbot can store and automatically retrieve customer data so employees won’t have to manually scour records for every customer interaction.

HR Support

Chatbots can lessen the load for HR managers and supervisors by taking charge of onboarding new employees.

Using a carousel menu, a chatbot can provide access to information like payroll and benefits, company policies, or standard operating procedures (SOPs). It can display images, videos, and other media that can be used to present training materials and orient employees about different business processes and the tools and systems used.

At the same time, employees can use the chatbot to fill out request forms for overtime, leaves, and other company documents. The HR department can in turn use the chatbot to notify employees once their requests have been approved.

IT Support

Lastly, a chatbot can also be turned into a service request platform that can process requests for troubleshooting and schedule repairs. Staff can also browse frequently asked questions about network and account setup, database management, how to use different work equipment and software, and other IT-related issues. Meanwhile, IT personnel can use the chatbot to keep track of work requests.

These are just some of the ways that chatbots can assist employees and make day-to-day operations more efficient. Book a bot demo with Alfafusion and see how a chatbot can add value to your business.

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