5 Ways to Use Chatbots for Customer Engagement

Gone are the days when you can only make contact with your customers from a distance. Now, you can get as up-close and personal with them in the most intimate, convenient, and optimal way possible… through chatbots.


Chatbots are changing the way businesses and consumers interact with each other, not just because chatbots are excellent customer service providers but because they are capable of communicating with customers in a way that captures their interests. With chatbots, businesses will never run out of ways to make their customers engage with their brand. Here are the different ways you can use chatbots for customer engagement:


Conducting surveys – From the business perspective, conducting surveys is a productive way of gaining valuable insight on consumers while taking surveys on the consumer’s end can be a preoccupying experience. You can get to know your consumers better by having a chatbot guide them into a two-way conversation where you can ask casual questions about their interests, preferences, and what they are looking for without pressuring them into filling out any form or making them feel as if they’re under examination.


Banter or small talk – Just like people, every chatbot has its own personality. You can give them a name, unique qualities, tone of voice, and even gender. You can program them to exchange dialogues with users, answer totally random questions, return compliments, tell jokes, and send greetings as how you would with a friend. Getting creative with your artificially intelligent chatbot gives you the advantage of establishing distinct and memorable interactions with your consumers.


Providing tips and suggestions – Chatbots have the ability to utilize the push notification features of messaging apps to keep conversations with users forever going. Chatbots can provide customers with push notifications of tips and suggestions that keep them involved with your brand, if not drive them to make purchases and subscriptions.


Displaying information – With chatbots, it’s not just solutions to concerns and answers to inquiries that are readily available and accessible but also information about your brand. With on-hand brand information, you do not only keep your consumers well informed about your brand and amplify brand recall but you also maximize business traction.


Delivering news, promos, and offers – One of the best uses of chatbots is reminding and educating users with product or service news, promotions, and offers. With your chatbot consistently sending news, updates, promos, and offers to your customers, you avoid losing their interest and your brand stays relevant to them.


The next time you’re running out of tricks up your sleeves and could no longer think of a better way to keep people engrossed in your brand, just remember all these things that a chatbot can do for you. Spice up your brand’s customer engagement and book a bot demo now with Alfafusion, the leading chatbot developer and provider in the Philippines.

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