How Chatbots Can Help You If Your Business is in the Hospitality or Tourism Field


The more sophisticated technology becomes, the smarter consumers get about what they want. Now that consumers began to favor digital brand interaction, marketers quickly latched on and began to cultivate a breeding ground for E-commerce on social media and messaging platforms, and chatbots and AI are the number one technology that businesses can rely on to meet the ever-evolving needs and demands of consumers. Here’s how chatbots become vital in the online operations of today’s hospitality and tourism enterprises:


    • Chatbots are multilingual and conversational – They can be programmed to speak and understand any language and relate to the user with conversational terms. With clearly defined intent and the right keywords, chatbots will be able to detect the purpose of the communication, solve problems, and accomplish a transaction.


    • Chatbots make way for optimal user experience Aside from transforming the path of purchase by keeping the entire process of booking flights and hotels inside the messaging app, chatbots are capable of on-demand 24-hour information and service which promotes the minimum response and resolution time, making every interaction satisfactory.


    • Chatbots add more functions to existing services – They give the user the power of flexibility and choice with advanced features such as filtering flights, restaurants, and hotels according to the user’s requirements, analyzing profiles and preferences to recommend directions, tips, and amenities, and acquiring ratings, complaints, and other forms of feedback. Chatbots act as a new reservation channel as well as a logbook for the journey of the user from booking to reviewing.


    • Chatbots convert engagement to purchase – Content delivered by chatbots can be manipulated to not just engage users but drive them into making a purchase. Travel guides, effective budgeting practices, and handy photography techniques are some helpful and inspiring content that your chatbot can relay to get the user from the ‘dreaming phase’ to the ‘booking phase.’


All these and more await your business. Stay on top and get a bot for your hotel or travel agency now! Contact Alfafusion, the Philippines’ leading builder of sophisticated bots.

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