Chatbots and Customer Service: Why You Need Them for Your Retail Business



Defined as any virtual program that replicates human conversation, chatbots are widely used in different industries such as food service, healthcare, finance, and, most especially, retail. Chatbots are a snowballing movement on social media and messaging apps because more and more businesses recognize their potential for enabling better customer service. Here’s how chatbots give customer service a good name for businesses that use them:


  • Through chatbots is the closest you can get to your customers. Messaging apps are home for all chatbots, and since 2016 up to this date, messaging apps have beaten social networking apps in terms of having more people on deck. Having a chatbot where people constantly are gives you better contact with your customers.


  • Chatbots handle mass concerns. You can address similar customer inquiries and concerns by programming chatbots to understand human messages through keywords. Chatbots can also help you improve a product or service and formulate better marketing approaches though customer data generated on conversations.


  • Chatbots give instant output. Customers always want to get answers and results right away, and chatbots are specifically designed to process transactions, present information, and perform tasks for customers within seconds of their interaction. Chatbots’ perpetual availability drives more traffic to your business online.


  • Chatbots are friendly. Not just customer-friendly, but friendly as in you can design chatbots to approach and converse with customers as if they were close friends. Chatbots use natural language so they can have human-like conversations with customers.


  • Chatbots help and then sell. By providing on hand information to customers, chatbots help spark and attract the interest of people which then drives conversion. Chatbots can also push personalized ads based on what customers look for, therefore turning potential customers to purchasing customers.


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