5 Ways Chatbots Put the Fast in the Fast-moving Consumer Goods Industry

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The Fast-moving Consumer Goods industry has always been about establishing the value of commodity as necessity in people’s daily lives. Luckily, chatbots can deliver the FAST in fast-moving consumer goods and make sure that your company maintains its profit and never forgets the CONSUMER in the FMCG equation. Here are all the ways how:


#1: Organic conversations

Operations and communication between brand and consumer would come about more naturally and efficiently with chatbots that can read intent, distinguish context, and work from various languages and other written forms of non-standard speech through natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


#2: Streamlined transactions

Chatbots can provide quick, precise responses that simplify and automate the process of ordering goods. Chatbots run through the building blocks of API, in which user data is encrypted to promote a more secure system, therefore making way for streamlined and protected transactions.


#3: Ideal customer support

With chatbots that are programmed to be smart AND available 24/7, wait times and turnaround times are less than one second. This way, customers can have a pleasant experience with your business because their inquiries and concerns are handled immediately.


#4: Engaging notifications

Chatbots allow you to send push notifications to your customers to keep them updated with promotions, order alerts, product news, and events which also lets you cross-sell and upsell your goods at the same time.


#5: Monitored performance

Chatbots let you monitor your business performance from one dashboard where you can do various tasks such as customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management.



Through processes that are translated into conversations in a controlled system, chatbots enable a faster and more convenient exchange between business and consumer. Dominate the FMCG industry with your very own chatbot! Book a bot demo now.



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