Here’s Why a Chatbot Can Sell Insurance Better Than a Sales Agent


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Insurance is one of those things that you don’t sell; rather, you sell what it can do. Selling insurance is no easy task, which is why you need more than just a good old sales agent to not just generate but also capture and convert leads. Since finance is one of the top 5 industries profiting from chatbots, a chatbot is just what your insurance company needs to grow your customer base. Here’s how a chatbot can seal the deal with your customers:


Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Your response to customers making an inquiry is what makes or breaks a sale. A chatbot that is pre-programmed with answers to frequently asked questions can minimize response time and maximize customer engagement. With 24/7 functionality, your chatbot can attend to inquiries immediately and at all times and make the most of your customers’ time and attention. Meanwhile, by providing accurate and helpful information, your chatbot can then successfully direct customers into purchasing.


Comprehensive Product Catalog

With a user-friendly interface, customers can seamlessly navigate through your products and easily find what they need. Through a chatbot, you can display your products in carousel menus and offer a comprehensive view of your packages. Aside from that, customers can also simply type in the insurance plan they are looking for and through natural language processing (NLP), your chatbot will pull up results based on the keywords they used.


Application Process Automation

Aside from consumer education, a chatbot can also assist customers when they’ve decided to avail your services. Customers can directly submit their applications through your chatbot on Messenger or any messaging platform of your choice. You can skip the usual application form and just have your chatbot ask questions to get your customer’s profile. You can also integrate additional features like an insurance calculator for computing monthly income against expenses and provide a basic quotation for their plan. Moreover, your chatbot can enable customers to connect with a live sales agent for application assessment and financial advice.


Personalized Alerts

Through the push notification feature, your chatbot can send personalized alerts such as application status updates, payment reminders, and even tips on saving and investment. Since chatbots do not just collect user data but retain their information as well, you can retarget customers by sending promotional content based on their conversations or previous interactions.



Give your customers a better experience of buying insurance and get a chatbot now!



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