Vietnam Travel Assistant Chatbot Found to Improve Tourists’ Travel Experience

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The Da Nang Department of Tourism in partnership with Hekate Technology Co. introduces the Danang FantastiCity Chatbot, Vietnam’s first travel assistant chatbot that provides tourist information and support.

The chatbot can be accessed via text message and was developed with the goal of boosting self-service tools and information channels for tourists in Da Nang, a tourism hub and the largest city in central Vietnam.

According to the Tourism Promotion Center of Da Nang, the chatbot has been upgraded many times and has shown positive results since its debut in 2018. Information such as famous destinations, events, weather forecasts, ATM locations, and hotlines are constantly updated in the chatbot.

The Da Nang FantastiCity Chatbot helps tourists find restaurants, accommodation, and activities to do all over the city. And now with the Event Countdown as its latest feature, the Danang FantastiCity Chatbot can send users notifications about ongoing and upcoming events in the city so they can plan routes to the destinations of the events they are interested in.

The chatbot also offers e-coupons for attraction sites, tourist activities, and entertainment outlets around the city. Tourists can receive e-coupon barcodes with real-time discounts by simply registering with their email or phone number.

Another notable feature of the chatbot is its signature mascot which serves as a symbol of the city’s warmth and hospitality. It is currently featured in 8 emoji stickers showing different expressions.

With these features, the Danang FantastiCity Chatbot is not only a helpful, convenient, and user-friendly travel assistant but also functions as an effective communication and marketing tool for the Department of Tourism and other travel agencies.

The Danang FantastiCity Chatbot currently only communicates in English and Vietnamese but will be available in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese in the future. Next to Singapore, Da Nang is now the second city in Southeast Asia to deploy a chatbot for travel and tourism.

With the prevalence of and preference for online transactions in industries like retail and foodservice, customers now also opt for businesses that provide online booking services and make way for personalized travel experiences.

That said, the Danang FantastiCity Chatbot is proof of the power and potential of AI and chatbots in assisting travelers and transforming tourism and hospitality services.

By providing tourists with a refreshing travel experience along with reliable and effective support that is available anywhere, anytime, the Danang FantastiCity Chatbot is sure to make Vietnam’s tourism industry grow richer in the years to come.

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