5 Reasons Why You Need a Chatbot to Grow Your Quick Service Chain



With customers willing to pay 11% more for the convenience of getting food right in the comfort of their homes as reported by Lux Research, it goes without saying that delivery is the new trend in the quick service restaurant industry. Since consumer preferences urge restaurants and fast food chains to lean towards automation, it is only natural that a chatbot would be able to provide the best support for your online food delivery services. Here are 5 reasons why:


Chatbots provide the perfect channel for delivery.

With an app, you are taking a chance on higher development costs that can only grant you a limited user base. But with a chatbot built into messaging platforms such as Messenger, you instantly reach 1.6 BILLION people. And by combining the convenience and accessibility of Messenger with the versatility and multifunctionality of chatbots, you create a seamless experience for your customers.


Chatbots make ordering easy.

FastCasual.com says that the fewer steps required for customers to engage a brand and place orders result in increased sales. A chatbot can minimize the hassle for customers by collecting only essential information and removing the extra steps of creating accounts or filling out registration forms. There will be no need for navigation because with your chatbot, every transaction will be a guided conversation. Aside from user-friendly menu displays, customers can simply type what they’re looking for and your chatbot will retrieve the right product as well as show relevant items. You can offer online ordering for dine in, delivery, drive thru, pickup, and curbside pickup as well as an option for advance orders. With all your services available and enhanced in your chatbot, you can increase ordering frequency and customer satisfaction.


Chatbots provide 24/7 customer service.

Provide better customer service by answering inquiries, processing requests, and resolving problems or complaints at ALL HOURS of the day with a chatbot that operates 24/7, 365. Through AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), chatbots can automatically recognize user intent and instantly answer with pre-programmed information and responses. Connecting to a human customer service agent to help with complicated concerns would also be just a click away using your chatbot.


Chatbots send order updates.

From product inquiry to delivery, your chatbot assists your customers and ensures every purchase is successful by sending real-time order updates for better tracking. With the push notification feature embedded on Messenger, customers can receive updates once their orders have been processed, prepared, delivered, and received.


Chatbots let you learn from and target customers.

An all-in-one marketing and analytics tool, your chatbot can track and collect significant customer information from conversations and order history and send targeted promotional content to your customers. The unique data gathered from your chatbot can be used to not only engage customers but re-engage leads as well.



Simply put, a chatbot can offer the most convenient experience for customers and maximize productivity and profitability in your business. Make the smart move and get a chatbot for your quick service chain now!



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