How to Use Chatbots for Effective Customer Engagement

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One of the best ways to maintain a good relationship with your customers is to keep them constantly engaged. Engaged customers tend to purchase more and be more loyal to your brand, and with highly engaged customers, you reap more loyalty and profit and ensure your business is thriving. Here’s how you can turn customers into fully-engaged customers with a chatbot for your brand:

Get Creative

Since chatbots are designed to be a part of messaging apps, you can take advantage of the BILLIONS of users and extensive reach and get closer to your customers. Use your brand voice or give your chatbot its own and communicate with customers in a more conversational and personal way. Instead of using stiff spiels, your chatbot can have a snappy dialogue and a friendlier tone. You can even create dynamic responses to greetings and remarks to avoid sounding monotonous.

Be Ever-Present

Be at a customer’s beck and call and never have a customer lose interest ever again with a chatbot that can accommodate as many customers every second of the day, all at once. No more waiting for a customer service rep to become available to answer questions or fulfill requests because a chatbot can reply instantly and perform tasks immediately. With their natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, chatbots can recognize the intent in the user’s message and respond accordingly.

Keep the Conversation Going

Through a user-friendly interface, interactive carousel menus, and buttons that lead to different features of your chatbot, you can provide customers endless options to explore even after helping them with their inquiry or concern. By making way for a continuous customer journey and a seamless user experience, you can hold your customer’s attention for as long as possible.

Don’t Be a Stranger

With a chatbot, you can save every interaction your customer has with your brand so you can always pick up where you left off. From personal information like name, email, gender, and age, down to their transactions, all customer data and activity are recorded by your chatbot and are accessible on your customer’s profile for their convenience. By keeping tabs on your customers, you can always re-engage them by sending reminders of unfulfilled purchases or other unfinished business.

Stay in Touch

Catch up with your customers from time to time and notify them of announcements, promos, new products, and other things that they value or will benefit them. Your chatbot can send a message to customers anytime through the push notification feature and just as easily reconnect like how an old friend would.

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