Here’s How Easy Booking Your Courier Services With a Chatbot Can Be


Booking courier services online is supposed to be the easy way out of sending a package, but with outdated and unresponsive websites that most courier companies have today, booking online might just turn out to be more than what you’d bargained for. Thankfully, today’s technology provides us with chatbots that can help deliver the swift, secured, and personalized express services that courier companies owe their customers. Here’s how a courier booking bot can make sending packages as easy and convenient as sending a text message:

Effortless booking

Chatbots make way for painless booking through a conversational interface. The bot would simply ask for the package dimensions, pick-up point, and delivery address and then propose a pick-up time and date. Once all transaction details are set, the bot will prompt the user to make use of an in-app payment system (can be preset within the bot) or choose a cash upon pick-up option.

Instant customer service

Programmed to accurately detect and react to user intent upon triggering, chatbots can entertain questions on the spot so customers can get the information they need right away and no longer have to search for answers on a website. The chatbot can also address issues as well as connect customers to a live agent so problems are immediately solved. The more efficient your customer service is, the better the user experience you provide online.

Real time tracking

With a chatbot, customers will be able to track every step in their package’s journey. From pick-up to delivery, customers can request a status check through the bot. The bot can also send alerts and push notifications so customers can monitor any delays or reroutings. This way, customers can really keep an eye on their packages.

Feedback gathering

Since they’re based on messaging platforms, chatbots can get close to customers in a way that brands usually can’t. Upon delivery of a package, the bot can casually start a conversation with the customer and ask for their feedback. This makes consumer research and quality assurance less burdensome for your courier company.

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