Provide Customer-Centric Services with a Chatbot for Your Courier Services Online

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The Philippines’ Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) market is expected to grow rapidly within 2020 to 2025 due to the booming E-commerce industry and high demand for last mile delivery. And with COVID-19 as an additional factor, your courier services should embrace a customer-centric approach in order to fulfill the market need for better logistics. Here’s how a chatbot can take better care of your customers and improve your services online:


Instant and Seamless Booking

With a chatbot, customers can book your services using Facebook Messenger or any messaging app, in just a few clicks. The conversational interface of chatbots makes way for easy navigation that a website and app cannot provide. To schedule a pick-up, customers can easily select the service from the persistent or carousel menu or type their request and the chatbot will walk them through the booking process. Instead of electronic forms, your chatbot will simply ask questions to get the customer’s details, therefore enhancing the user experience. To complete the transaction, a payment feature can be enabled so customers can make payments directly through your chatbot.


FAQs and Inquiry Responses

Display frequently asked questions or have your chatbot handle customer inquiries itself. Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows chatbots to recognize user input and respond correctly by matching the message with the corresponding information from its database. This way, customers can simply type their question and your chatbot will be able to understand and answer accordingly. With a chatbot, essential information such as serviceable areas, delivery fees, operating hours, main office, and hotline can be immediately available so customers can find what they need right away.


24/7 Customer Service

Aside from queries, your chatbot can also deal with customer concerns. With a chatbot that works 24/7,365, you can assist customers without delay, at all hours of the day. Everytime a customer would complain, your chatbot will identify the nature of their complaint then communicate steps or recommend actions that would resolve the issue. If the concern is too complex, a live agent feature can be added to your chatbot so it can escalate to a human customer service agent and ensure that the customer gets the help they need.


In-depth Tracking

Upgrade real-time tracking with a chatbot that lets customers track their parcel in two ways. If a customer has a pending pickup or delivery scheduled through your chatbot, they can easily access the in-app tracker and see the status of their request without having to input a tracking number. Meanwhile, with the push notification feature of messaging apps, your chatbot can inform the customer once their booking is confirmed then send regular updates up until the package reaches its final destination; keeping them consistently in the know.



Comprehensive yet streamlined and convenient – these are the qualities that customers are looking for when it comes to courier services online. Transform yours and book a bot demo now!



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