A Chatbot That Automates Your Business Processes is Just What Your Car Dealership Needs


With the high value placed on digitization and connectivity these days, how can the automotive industry rev up sales and drive new revenue streams from passing trends and cutting-edge technologies? The answer is what you get from the fusion of the ongoing trend on messaging platforms and the continued development of artificial intelligence – Chatbots. Here’s how chatbots can prompt digital monetization by automating the business processes in your car dealership:


24/7 Instant customer service

With a car dealer chatbot for your business, you make way for minimal wait times, response times, and resolution times; resulting in customer satisfaction and better user experience. When a customer has an inquiry, they won’t have to wait for someone in your team to get the response or result they need for your chatbot will be able to assist them immediately, anytime of the day.


Inventory access

For detailed and comprehensive summaries of your products, your customers can view, browse, and even search through your inventory in a simple click of a button. Additionally, aside from its conversational interface, chatbots are multimedia-enabled so you can send information in text, graphic, or even video format and promote more engaging content to your customers.


In-app transactions

Your customers can book test drives, schedule service center appointments, submit credit applications, and request for cost estimates and finance options right in their messaging apps for your chatbot can process various transactions and manage customer accounts. Your chatbot can store and retrieve customers’ past purchases, services availed, and claimed or unclaimed insurance, discounts, and rewards and update their records with every transaction done within the messaging app.


Push notifications

Chatbots are equipped with push notifications which customers can opt in for application and purchase updates, booking and schedule reminders, and product news; allowing you to cross-sell and upsell targeted products to the most relevant customers.


Lead generation and consumer research

Data is auto-synced in a dashboard and can be exported for analysis. From data accumulated, you can then formulate strategies to improve your products and services and turn potential customers into loyal customers.



No matter how well you think your business is doing, you can’t deny that having a chatbot can make you do better. Improve your performance and get a chatbot now! Book a bot demo with Alfafusion, the Philippines’ pioneer IT and digital marketing agency that innovates competitive bots in every industry.

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