Chatbot Advancements the World Should Look out for This 2018

Last 2017, we have seen how various industry leaders such as Starbucks, Mastercard, and LinkedIn launched their own chatbots on different platforms and expressed their support of the promising technology that is artificial intelligence and chatbots. With every major company holding high regard to chatbots, every millennial chatting and spending more than ever online, and every consumer becoming more and more tech-savvy by the second, the brilliant future of chatbots and artificial intelligence is becoming more and more apparent. So what developments for chatbots should the world expect to see this 2018?


This year, we could expect more efficient interactions, speedy responses, and accurate decision-making from chatbots which will continually increase up to 93% in 2022. Artificial intelligence will be accelerated in back-end operations and smarter workflows will be implemented; making way for smoother processes and transactions.


By this time, messaging will not just be the mainstream platform for interaction, commerce and all other sorts of online activity, but messaging will stand as an application itself. Multiple channels and their features will be integrated into the messaging space, creating a uni-channel where chatbots are the point of access between businesses and consumers.


And since messaging will become the primary mode of online communication, rich communication services (RCS) such as MMS will continue to grow, allowing chatbots to benefit from its evolution. We know that the goal of RCS is to replace SMS with a multimedia-enabled text messaging system, and this year, RCS might just succeed with the creation of a cloud-based system that lets users engage in conversations without relying on any app and while performing other tasks.


Lastly, 2018 will also be “the year of the Voicebot,” according to Nativemsg, with leading companies building and adopting voice-assisted bots original to their brands for making purchases, checking orders, and providing product suggestions to extend brand experience.


With 2018 paving the way for unleashing the full potential of artificial intelligence and chatbots, we can hope to be part of a new digital experience unlike any other in the next 5 to 10 years. See how you can transform your digital services today by booking a bot demo with Alfafusion, the leading chatbot and artificial intelligence provider in the Philippines.



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