Boost Your Holiday Sales Despite COVID-19 with an Online Store Chatbot on Messenger

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Facebook Philippines’ recent survey revealed how 55% out of 1000 shoppers aged 18 and above say they will visit stores less frequently while 48% plan to shop more online during the holiday season due to COVID-19. It goes to show that despite the virus interfering with people’s plans this year, nothing can stop consumers from spending this Christmas. That said, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the growing e-commerce market and increase your revenue. Here’s how setting up your online store on Messenger with a chatbot can get you more customers and boost your sales:


More Customer Reach

Messaging apps are where people usually go to get in touch with other people, but it is also where a majority of deals and purchases happen. According to Facebook, 42% of buyers engaging in conversational commerce or c-commerce in the Philippines use social media and messaging apps. With a chatbot, your online store can be on Facebook Messenger or any messaging platform; and with Facebook Messenger as the top messaging app at already 29 million users as of February 2019, your chatbot can tap into a much wider market and connect with customers on a personal level.


Seamless Order Processing

Just like any other app, a chatbot can accommodate as many customers and process as many orders at the same time. However, with a chatbot’s user-friendly interface, you can display a better product catalog through carousel menus and enable customers to easily navigate your store and find products. With a chatbot, product searching can be engaging and conversational. Customers can simply type, “I’m looking for a new bag,” and through natural language processing (NLP), your chatbot will be able to recognize the user intent and respond interactively with the correct and relevant products. Your chatbot can then prompt customers to add items to their carts and pay for their purchases within the app through an additional payment gateway. With a chatbot for your store, you can make way for a hassle-free shopping experience through seamless and guided conversational transactions.


Excellent Customer Service

Automate your customer service with a chatbot that works every second of every day. Aside from understanding when a customer is searching for a product, your chatbot will also be able to identify inquiries and concerns and respond with the information stored in its database which could range from answers to FAQs to customer service spiels. You can also provide access to a live agent through your chatbot for resolving complex issues. With a chatbot, you can assist customers immediately and keep them from having unpleasant experiences with your store.


Helpful Push Notifications

As if shopping through a chatbot isn’t already too convenient, your chatbot can also send customers regular and real-time order status updates in the form of personal messages through the push notification feature. This enables transparent tracking wherein customers are consistently informed about the status of their purchases from order confirmation up to delivery. Another useful feature of push notifications is alerting customers of sales, discounts, product recommendations, and other promotions which your chatbot can make the most of to personalize customer experience and support your upselling.


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