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State Election Commission of India Launches a Chatbot That Answers Queries About Voter Registration

  The State Election Commission of India (SEC) along with Gupshup Institute recently launched their joint initiative, the Mahavoter Chatbot – a chatbot that answers queries about voter registration.   With the upcoming 2022 Philippine elections, it seems like we could also use a Mahavoter Chatbot of our own.   Through Mahavoter Chatbot, users can […]

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Prepare for the Holiday Rush and Upgrade Your Customer Service with a Chatbot

  Christmas is just around the corner… and you already know what that means for your business. The surge in customer volume and purchases will also come with an influx of customer queries, feedback, and complaints, so you should take this holiday season as a chance to upgrade your customer service so you can improve […]

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Debunking Myths: 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Chatbots

  Despite chatbots’ increasing popularity and adoption, they’re not exactly a common topic, which is why people can still get the wrong idea or impression about their applicability and effectivity.   In case you need a refresher, a chatbot is an online software that can perform commands and converse with users on its own through […]

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4 Reasons Why Your Customers Would Have a Better Shopping Experience with an E-commerce Chatbot

    From banking to healthcare to the foodservice industry, chatbots have been streamlining processes and transactions and delivering various services to consumers across different sectors. When it comes to E-commerce, chatbots can maximize sales and prioritize customer experience, which is why it is no wonder that 67% of consumers say they are open to […]

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How Chatbots Can Help Students and Teachers Move Forward with Online Learning

  The education sector is one of the industries that has taken the biggest hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools all over the world have shut down to prioritize the health and safety of both students and faculty members, and although it meant the end of traditional learning, it paved the way for the rapid […]

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Chatbots: An All-in-One Solution to Your Restaurant’s Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

  Due to their versatility and serviceability, businesses have mostly been leveraging chatbots for sales, customer support, and marketing. And now that ordering food online has become the more popular and preferable option, having an all-in-one platform that can handle all three can get your restaurant at the forefront of the foodservice industry. Here’s how […]

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