Banking in the Time of COVID-19: How Chatbots can Help Banks Improve Their Online Services

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The effect of COVID-19 on modern-day living has urged banks to drive customers to their online and mobile banking services. With the Philippines listed as the only country in Southeast Asia where majority of consumers prefer transacting at a branch rather than online due to “the lack of a compelling digital user experience,” financial institutions must step up and ensure that their online services can make customers more inclined to digital banking as we go forward with the new normal. Here’s how you can upgrade your online services with an all-in-one chatbot for your bank:

24/7/365 Customer Service

A chatbot can offer customer support by answering frequently asked questions and escalating concerns in real time. Through natural language processing (NLP), customers can simply send a message and the chatbot will be able to understand and respond with the correct information derived from its knowledge base. And because chatbots can function and operate even outside working hours, you can provide customer service anytime and at all times. Moreover, with an additional live agent feature which allows customers to chat with a human customer service rep through your chatbot, you can see to it that your customers are getting all the assistance they need.

In-app Transactions

Since chatbots can be deployed to Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, and other messaging platforms, customers can easily avail and access your online services through the apps they already use. With a payment feature already integrated into these messaging apps, you can maximize your chatbot’s functionality and enable transactions such as balance inquiry, bills payment, and bank transfer. On top of that, you can send customers payment reminders, account activity alerts, and important announcements through the push notification feature and expand your bank’s serviceability.

Product Information and Onboarding

Make your products readily available on your customers’ preferred messaging app with a chatbot in charge of your product catalog. A chatbot can provide a comprehensive display of product information through carousel menus and incorporate multimedia content to capture customer interest. With a conversational interface, you can facilitate a seamless user experience wherein customers can apply for loans and credit cards directly from your chatbot by simply answering questions instead of filling out a form.

With a chatbot that can do the job right and serve more than one purpose, you can guarantee that your customers will choose to use your online services more often. Improve your online services and get a chatbot for your bank now!

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