Alfafusion Launches Nestlé Philippines’ Recipe Chatbot, Tita MAGGI



Tita MAGGI, a chatbot for the MAGGI brand, is one of Alfafusion’s latest projects in partnership with Nestlé Philippines.


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Tita MAGGI is your new friend in the kitchen who can help you cook delicious and nutritious recipes to spice up your everyday meals. She is available on Messenger and converses in Tagalog and English.




Tita MAGGI helps users find recipes in 4 ways. First, through the Featured Recipes option which displays a carousel of different recipes that users can view to discover a new recipe every day.



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Under the recipes, users can choose to view the recipe to access the ingredients and procedure, save the recipe for later viewing, or select ‘Sarap-Sustansya Tip’ to see healthy cooking tips.



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Second, using the Search for a Recipe feature, users can just type in the name of the recipe that they are looking for and Tita MAGGI will show all related results. This is especially helpful when a user has a specific recipe in mind.



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Users can also type in some ingredients they have at home and Tita MAGGI will find recipes they can cook using those ingredients through the Cook My Ingredients feature.



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Lastly, Tita MAGGI can also help users prepare for a celebration via the Cook for an Occasion feature. Users can browse recipes for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, and weekends.



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Aside from offering recipes and cooking tips, Tita MAGGI can also help with inquiries about MAGGI products. Since Tita MAGGI is NLP-enabled, she can recognize when a user is searching for a recipe, listing their ingredients, or asking a question and will be able to respond accurately. Users can browse the FAQs in the chatbot or simply ask Tita MAGGI when they have an inquiry.



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Users also have a profile inside the chatbot where their saved recipes are recorded for a more personalized experience. At the same time, Tita MAGGI asks users questions such as their top priority when it comes to cooking, cooking skill level, how many people they usually cook for, and other related questions to further refine their experience.



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If users are interested in buying MAGGI products, Tita MAGGI can also redirect them to the MAGGI official Lazada and Shopee stores.



With Tita MAGGI’s all-around recipes and helpful cooking tips, you’re sure to have a fun and easy time cooking from now on. Say hi to Tita MAGGI on Messenger!



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