Alfafusion Launches the AIA Philam Life Chatbot on Messenger



A chatbot for the current leading life insurance company in the Philippines, Philam Life, is the latest successful enterprise of Alfafusion Web Technology Corporation.




The AIA Philam Life Chatbot on Messenger provides users information about AIA Philam Life protection products.




Upon getting started, the chatbot guides users through finding a protection plan that fits them by educating them about the importance of having the right protection and then suggesting a product based on their age, marital status, and reason for looking into getting insurance.


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Currently, the AIA Philam Life protection products in the chatbot include the AIA All-In-One, AIA Critical Protect, and AIA Med-Assist. Users can get information on the coverage and benefits for each product and through the chatbot, get in touch with a financial adviser on the Philam Life official website to inquire about a plan.


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Meanwhile, the chatbot’s live agent feature allows customers to talk to a community manager for assistance with their chosen protection plan.


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As for natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, the AIA Philam Life Chatbot can exchange greetings, respond to small talk, answer inquiries, and assist with customer concerns. The chatbot is currently in Taglish and can detect and understand both Filipino and English.




More developments are in store for the AIA Philam Life Chatbot as Alfafusion together with the Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company work on the chatbot’s functionalities. 


Check out the bot here.


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