AI Care for Healthcare: Chatbots as Virtual Assistants for Patients and Health Professionals


Imagine if every hospital and clinic worldwide made way for transactions that are conversational, personalized, instant, and readily available and accessible to patients and health professionals via their preferred online channels… wouldn’t that change the name of the game for modern-day healthcare? Well, now it can be a reality through artificial intelligence. Chatbots, which are a product of artificial intelligence, can improve today’s healthcare services to satisfy the needs of both patients and health professionals in the digital age. Here’s how:


  • Assisted self-service for patients – With chatbots, patients can opt for self-service yet be guided by a preset transactional flow. Patients can make, cancel, and reschedule appointments on their own, directly from their device while chatbots process patient registration in the background, paving the way for a more convenient and personalized experience. Additionally, with a conversational interface, chatbots can answer inquiries and FAQs in terms that patients will understand and be comfortable with.


  • Additional office support – Since chatbots are great for storing information, they can help admin assistants and receptionists with administrative tasks like confirming appointments and recording patient updates as well as coordinating with other hospitals and clinics for scheduling assistance when the place is fully booked.


  • Professional assistance – Through their capacity for various tasks and commands, chatbots enable doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to take necessary actions right away. Chatbots can provide quick and easy access to patient records, take note of information, prepare documents, and aid in the process of admitting patients. Chatbots can also help with work scheduling and staff allocation; doctors can use chatbots to check the nurses available for an operation or request for a change of shift for other employees on demand.


It’s the job of technology to create the demand for improvements we never thought we actually needed in our daily lives. That being said, healthcare systems all over the world should acknowledge the demand for service improvements and address the already existing need for fully or semi-automated transactions. Get a learning and service-oriented chatbot to automate your healthcare services. Book a bot demo now with Alfafusion, a premier chatbot developer and provider for big brands and institutions.

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