8 Ways Chatbots Effectively Market Your Brand


Marketing is the lifeblood of every business, whether big or small. Marketing efforts get the word out, heighten sales, establish company reputation, and give your business a competitive edge. Since successful marketing approaches are accurately timed, targeted, and focused on consumer benefits, you need a marketing tool that can do all of these while combining the powers of the best marketing channels online. Chatbots can wrap up social media, email, and mobile marketing into one and handle all aspects of your marketing operations. Find out the many ways through which chatbots can take your marketing strategy to the next level:


  1. Redirection. Since chatbots interact with consumers themselves, you can use them to direct people to all your online channels and accumulate website and social media traffic. Once people are where you want them to be, you can turn their inquiries to purchases and drive visitors to become customers.


  1. Information and content delivery. Chatbots are widely used as a go-to source of information because they can handle mass concerns in conversational or customer-friendly terms instead of using the usual computer language or sales pitch. You can feed customers all the information you want by having chatbots serve the right content to your audience.


  1. Ad targeting. Based on data collected from every user, chatbots can accurately reach and target ads at the most relevant consumers. Chatbots can cross-sell through push notifications and send personalized deals, offers, and promotions. This way, you can take care of sales AND marketing at the same time.


  1. Personalized messaging. Chatbots can nurture leads and form intimate relationships with customers. Through customized messaging and personalized conversations with customers, you can foster a familiar environment and make every interaction feel unique to each customer.


  1. Brand representation. With chatbots, you can now have a brand presence on messaging apps and reach people in their personal spaces. By having a chatbot represent your brand, you make your business accessible and available to people anytime and anywhere in the world.


  1. Customer engagement. Aside from information and service, chatbots can also provide customers entertainment for a more engaging experience. Chatbots can communicate various spiels from greetings to jokes and hold dialogues with users through natural language processing and machine learning.


  1. Customer data monitoring. Through chatbots, brands can also conduct consumer analysis by tracking and monitoring data from customers, such as purchasing patterns and usage frequency. This gives brands insight on what they need to market more, what they need to market differently, and what they need to redevelop or relaunch.


  1. Feedback gathering. Examining and drawing conclusions from the way customers use and interact with your chatbot can already count as gathering feedback; however, you can use chatbots to directly reach out to your customers and conduct a survey. From there, you can garner critical assessment on how you can improve your brand and its products or services.



From redirection to feedback gathering, it is safe to say that carrying out a marketing plan with a chatbot is way better and easier. Make chatbots a part of your next marketing campaign!



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