6 Ways to Blow Up Your Online Sales with a Chatbot


Sales is all about the right mix of resources and strategy… but ultimately, it is not really what you sell but how you sell that wins the customer. So how do you sell efficiently online? The answer is by streamlining your online services to provide excellent customer experience… and there are six ways to do that with chatbots:

Interactive product or service information display

It is not enough to have good products and services at good prices – presenting them to your customers also sets you apart from your competitors. With a chatbot, you can provide customers with multimedia-supported information about your products or services to enrich their browsing experience. You can make use of high-resolution images, gifs, and even short video clips to complement a concise yet comprehensive text description. You can also include product search and filtering for easier and more convenient navigation. A user can simply type in a product and your chatbot will know right away what the user is looking for.

24/7 instant customer service

When you have a chatbot that is functional 24/7 and can recognize customer intent through natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, you can easily, instantly, and accurately respond to inquiries and complaints without needing further human intervention. You can even program your chatbot to troubleshoot and take care of product returns. If additional support is needed, your chatbot can connect to a human customer service agent through a live agent feature.

Personalized product recommendations

According to Pipefy, you should never just be the business – you should be the expert, the genius, the consultant. A chatbot can retrieve basic information as well as data that can help track your customers’ purchasing patterns. Through the chatbot, you can control the content your customers consume by sending them relevant product recommendations based on their demographics and past purchases.

Effective push notifications

Push notifications earn both you and your customers the most benefit. They allow you to get in touch with your customers, re-engage leads, and follow up on previous interactions while your customers get timely notifications and updates on product news, promos, and events.

Helpful product reviews

Since 93% of consumers consult product reviews prior to making a purchase, customers should be able to view as well as make product reviews through your chatbot. Product reviews can be accessed either through a carousel menu or a webview page within your chatbot while customers can rate and comment on your products.

Intimate customer engagement

The key to doing good business is to keep things professional yet personal. Aside from deployment on various online channels including Facebook Messenger – which is the most widely used messaging platform in the world next to Whatsapp, chatbots can engage in small talk with your customers so you can keep a professional yet personal relationship with them without being invasive. Chatbots can be trained to exchange greetings and courtesies, entertain comments, tell jokes, and reach out to your customers from time to time to improve your retention rate.

Your online sales are a ticking time bomb… Blow them up now and get a chatbot for your store!

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