6 Ways You Can Use Chatbots If Your Business is Show Business



For a business that has content for commodity and contemporaneity as its currency, the media and entertainment industry could really learn a thing or two about how it can wield chatbots – which also lives on content and being up-to-date – to do its bidding. Here are the 6 different ways you can take advantage of chatbot technology if your business is show business:



Incorporate your brand in its design and give your chatbot a personality. By making people feel as if they’re talking to Oprah herself or having a sarcastic banter with Deadpool, you create a lasting impression on your consumers. You can weave subtle marketing materials such as jokes, catchphrases, or even movie lines and famous quotes and stimulate a certain mood into your conversations with users so each encounter would be an unforgettable one.


Profile display

Chatbots provide a creative and effective way for you to relay information to anyone who comes looking for it. You can have your chatbot tell your life story or show your local time slot or list all the countries that’ll be having an advance screening of your new film and answer all questions or inquiries accurately through intensive bot training. Since they are also functional 24/7, chatbots can accommodate users right away so that they never leave empty handed.


Delivering news and updates

What better way to announce tours, live shows, breaking news, and other updates to consumers than through chatbots that can send personal messages to all the fans and followers of your music, movie, or TV show and keep them always in the know? Since Facebook Messenger is bigger than Facebook, Instagram, or any other app, having your own chatbot on Facebook Messenger as a celebrity, wrestler, or news cast show gives you the ultimate reach and exposure.


Media streaming

Chatbots are equipped with advanced technology that lets them pull up and send files not just in text but also in audio, video, or graphic format. Users will simply click a button or prompt a command to your chatbot and they can easily and instantly access your latest concert photos, new music videos, or previous episodes of your show; therefore providing them a multidimensional experience.


Personalized engagement

Flexibility and versatility is the bread and butter of chatbot technology. Since people love answering quizzes, you can furnish your chatbot with targeted quizzes, personality tests, and polls to keep your users actively engaged. Fans and followers will definitely flock to your chatbot if they can find out which Stranger Things character they are or if they can test how much they know about Parks and Recreation or if they can vote whether LeBron is better than Jordan. As long as you know what matters to your consumers, then your chatbot can expertly hand it to them.



Chatbots are terrific sales tools for they are capable of cross-selling and upselling products to users through suggestions and recommendations. Based on a user’s basic profile with their location, interests, and preferences, your chatbot can sell tickets and other merchandise in a timely and relevant manner. For example, John lives in California which is the current stop for your ongoing tour; your chatbot will notify John that you’re in town and that tickets are still available and then it’s one more sold ticket you’ve got going for you.



Bottomline? Chatbots provide competent and innovative ways to promote your brand! So how about booking a bot demo with Alfafusion, the Philippines’ pioneer chatbot builder for “It Brands” and getting a chatbot for your label now? ????

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