5 Reasons Why Chatbots are a Big Deal in E-Commerce: Number 5 Will Make You Get a Chatbot Right Away


E-commerce is a shape-shifter. Now it’s taking on a conversational form. Nevertheless, it has always been about two things: making customers and making sales – the two exact things that chatbots are made to do which is why they are the golden geese in E-commerce. Here’s how they do it:


#1: Instant customer service – Chatbots answer inquiries and resolve issues in a blink, since they are powered by artificial intelligence and not human force that you can only summon during business hours, and it is always a good thing when a business can readily accommodate customer concerns upon request.


#2: Seamless transactions – Chatbots can arrange orders for your customers and assist them all the way from choosing items down to making payments. Chatbots turn transactions into simple, navigated conversations that customers prefer better than the long, dragging process of filling out electronic forms and browsing through random ads.


#3: Personalised menu – 10 out of 10 times, people shop online because they are looking for a particular product even if they are not aware of it. With chatbots, you can guide your customers into identifying, then deciding, and then purchasing what they want by asking questions about their preferences and interests and then suggesting items that fit their tastes and satisfy their requirements, letting you upsell and cross-sell products without the need for ads and promotions as well as provide your customers a sense of exclusivity by filtering items based on what they want and don’t want to see.


#4: Personalised offers – It is a known fact that people believe they are spending less on freebies, giveaways, promos, discounts, and coupons when in reality, businesses use those to increase sales. Through chatbots, you can send promos to your customers on their birthdays or other special occasions, since chatbots can record and transform personal information into data that you can use to satisfy your customers.


#5: Constant brand presence – Everybody knows that messaging platforms have taken the world by storm, and since chatbots are on Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps, they can deliver product news, order updates, and other store notifications to your customers so you can keep in touch with them at all times and they never forget about your brand. This strategy gets you up-close-and-personal with your customers and earns you their loyalty.



Extra perk: Chatbots are cheaper and easier to build than apps! In an extremely competitive enterprise such as E-commerce where people always switch to something better, you need to get ahead of the competition and give your customers the best online experience. Book a bot demo now!



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