5 Most Helpful Health Bots on FB Messenger


Saying health is wealth is like saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away… they may sound like cliched, age-old beliefs yet people do not really realize the importance and truth that these expressions hold. Luckily, there are bots out there that can prioritize our health for us when we forget to value it the most. Here are 5 health bots on Facebook Messenger that handle different aspects of human health:


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GYANT  – GYANT is a sophisticated, charming, and handsome (as what he says ?) personal health robot that specializes on information on various medical conditions. You can ask GYANT to examine you for Zika virus, evaluate your prediabetes risk, and check your symptoms for you if you have any health concerns. First GYANT creates your profile by asking about your age and location and then proceeds to ask you a series of questions if you chose to address a health issue. Afterwards, GYANT will interpret your answers according to a database and present you with a disease that matched your symptoms. Finally, GYANT will give you the option to view more information about his analysis, take a recommended course of action, or consult a human doctor. GYANT is especially convenient for people with long-term diseases and disorders that need consistent care and attention but without immediate access to medical help. You can check GYANT out here.


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Ziggy – Ziggy is Verve Health Co.’s virtual fitness coach that helps you do workouts and set goals and gives you advice and motivation. Ziggy will let you choose the level of difficulty when you decide to do a workout and also ask you if you want to do only your legs, core, or a full body workout then present you with Verve Health Co.’s different sets of workout routines. Ziggy can also help you stick to long-term goals such as losing weight, running long distances, getting stronger, and feeling better by leading you to take health-related actions that will let you achieve your main goal. As for advice and motivation, Ziggy can send you motivational quotes and advice on nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Ziggy also has additional features such as the Top 3 Fitness Tips of 2018, a fitness quiz, and special discounts on Verve Health Co.’s store. Ziggy is perfect for those who really want to get serious with getting and staying physically fit. Go meet Coach Ziggy here.


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Joy – Joy is a personal wellness bot that focuses on mental health. Just like GYANT, Joy creates your profile by asking you about your age and location and connects you with a human personal wellness coach called a Joy Coach whenever you need to. You can talk to Joy any time of the day about how you feel and what’s on your mind. In turn, she will ask you questions about certain aspects of your life such as love and accomplishment and also educate you about mental states like anxiety and depression and then give you tips like how to turn negativity in your life around. Joy also keeps a mood report that shows a log of your emotions with a calculation of the level of emotions present in your moods. Whether you need professional treatment or just someone to talk to, Joy can help you try to feel better.


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Forksy – Forksy is a bot that helps you stay away from unhealthy eating habits by counting the calories from your meals, educating you about your calorie limit, and keeping a food diary for you. Forksy will ask you to send her what you ate or drank during the day and she will in turn provide you with a calorie count and some info on the health benefits found in your food – which makes her very handy for those who are trying to keep a diet or are watching their weight. Some additional features of Forksy are the Forksy Diet – which is an interactive AI-powered nutritional program that you can join – and a personal report, which involves a detailed review of your eating habits that you can avail for a fee.


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Bearhug – As for a bot that covers women’s health, Bearhug is a smart bear that can track your periods for you. First you input your period date and cycle length, then you can set Bearhug to give you reminders, change your cycle settings, or update your timezone. Whether you have regular or irregular menstrual cycles, Bearhug is definitely one of those things that can help you take better care of your reproductive health.


So, do you think this list is complete or do you believe that a bot that takes care of other vital parts of human health is yet to be created? If your answer’s the latter, why not try building your own health bot now? Book a bot demo with Alfafusion for a premier, state of the art chatbot for both business or personal use.

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