4 Resourceful Ways You Can Use Chatbots to Get More Clients for Your Marketing Agency


To get clients, you can always go old school and run ad campaigns, ask for referrals, and make a round of cold calls… or you can do it the easy way and let a chatbot handle your sales for you. Here are some smart ways you can use chatbots to get clients for your marketing agency:


  • Company profile display – Chatbots can be used as a medium for exhibiting all the specifics about your company. You can have your chatbot pull up upon request a portfolio with all your recent works and partnerships with other organizations, a list with an in-depth description of your services, and even the profiles of the people in your team, so even at first encounter, a potential client will already have an idea and impression about your company. This way, you get to introduce AND SELL your company to clients at the same time.


  • Lead generation – With chatbots, lead generation is now just a walk in the park. You can easily get users’ contact details, budget and other requirements, products or services they’re interested in, and all the other information you may need to turn potential clients into paying clients.


  • FAQ portal – When you have your own chatbot, people won’t have to go through the trouble of accessing your website or filling out a form because inquiries will be addressed through a series of conversations where you can assist people 24/7 and provide instant answers; letting you sell 24/7 and get instant clients in return.


  • Appointment bookings – Clients won’t have to email you and wait for a week or two just to get a response because now they can schedule a meeting straight from your chatbot. Now that is a more flexible and convenient way of getting in touch with your business!


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