3 Game-changing Uses of Chatbots in Retail

Woman shopping in shopping mall and use mobile phone shopping and find promotion. Business shopping situation idea concept.

Along with times changing and technology advancing, customer expectations become more and more unconventional and challenging when it comes to the retail industry. Good thing there are chatbots that can keep up with the evolution of retail and address the multiplex needs of customers. Here’s how chatbots can provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers:


  1. Conversational transactions – Instead of electronic forms, catalogs, or menus, customers can make effortless purchases and order products by simply telling your chatbot what they want. From placing an order to payment and receiving updates, all transactions as well as customer profiles and purchase histories, are generated and recorded in-app for better activity tracking and data management. Transactions will start with your chatbot asking questions about the customer’s interests and preferences and eventually get to what they’re looking for, guiding them step-by-step into purchasing an item. Through progressive instructions and bits of information given one message at a time, you don’t overwhelm your customers with too much information and therefore simplify the whole process.


  1. Accelerated customer service – Chatbots can accommodate a high volume of requests and answer questions or inquiries at any time of the day. Whether common FAQs or specific customer concerns, AI-powered chatbots can be programmed to detect keywords, recognize intent, then respond with accurate and relevant information, and transform them into solutions. Because chatbots are present and functional 24/7, you can provide immediate output to customer requests at the same time minimize your response and resolution time.


  1. Personalized products – Increase your sales with personalized products and promotions. With chatbots, you can customize a customer’s product feed based on their likes, preferences, and past purchases and target products to the right buyers. You can also utilize a customer’s location and profile or ride current trends and events and send push notifications of product availability, item giveaways, and shop news.


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