12 Ways Chatbots Will Change Your Business

If you’ve never heard of “Xiaomi,” you should. Dubbed “Dian Xiaomi,” it is one among many chatbots that have begun the new revolution in business, marketing, and sales. On November 11 last year (hence the event name, “11.11”), Alibaba launched a one-day sale that is considered the “World’s Biggest 24-Hour Sales Event.” The revenues racked up by Alibaba for that single day were bigger than the annual e-commerce income of Brazil in 2016. In fact, industry reports claim that Xiaomi bagged at least 6.2 million customers on 11.11.

That revolutionary leap in business growth is not for Alibaba alone. Any company that will invest in a competent chatbot developer will surely position itself for expansion. But how do chatbots revolutionize the way we do business? Let’s count the ways.

A chatbot developer is able to customize the features of the business-to-customer interface on various platforms, whether it be on a smartphone, a conventional pc, a tablet, or any gadget available and ready for e-commerce. Chatbots — being software programs that do not get tired, bored, or lazy — simply outperforms a human customer or sales agent. It is available 24-7-365 unless there is a major blackout in the city or a massive internet connection breakdown.


By using chatbots, you can have a software that provides an interactive service experience for your customers. Some of these amazing programs even ask you about the length, color, and textile you want for a jacket — in the case of online fashion clothing sites.


Customer engagement is continuous since chatbots are often run on smartphones that are literally brought everywhere and anywhere by the customer or online buyer. Statistics show that more and more online shopping is being done through the use of smartphones and this is exactly why more investment is being made by Fortune 500 companies in apps that serve their customers in a highly personalized way.


A good chatbot developer also helps your customers save time because they can program absolutely anything to make a purchase or buying decision faster and easier. In fact, apps like Siri found on Apple products can even order pizza or book an Uber ride for you. Convenience at its finest!


Like a boss, you can use chatbots as your own private secretary or personal assistant. Keep track of your business meetings, trips, and other important events by using the chat service to remind you days or even weeks ahead. The program can be used to make sure your schedule is conflict-free and reminds you to prepare other business essentials like documents and presentations.


Payment platforms have never been more fun since the introduction of chatbots. Gone are the days when customers would have patience waiting on the other end of the telephone line while your customer service agent tries to wrap up another call. No more waiting and wasting time listening to “call on waiting” music. With these remarkable programs, your customer can easily process payments. That way, your revenue collection time also speeds up while enhancing customer service.


Looking for a supplier or third-party service provider? No problem. Your chatbot developer can also key in important search algorithms into the program to make sure every potential supplier or service provider is within reach and easy to contact. This significantly reduces backlogs and delays in your business process.


Supersize your sales network with bots. By using chatbots, you can update existing and potential customers about your latest company promotions, products, and services. No need to hire a troop of promo agents to walk the floors. Anywhere your customer goes, your chatbot is able to send them a marketing message, a sales spiel, or a simple “Hello!” just to make your customers happy and stay loyal to your brand.


Artificial Intelligence is the future. Simply put, the complexity of the 21st century way of life overwhelms even the most dedicated frontliner of your company. Chatbots remain constantly customer-focused, never making a human mistake of sighing or frowning. Even when the shop or outlet is closed for the night, the bots stay wide awake ready to serve your most demanding customer. It doesn’t need coffee, a pat on the back, or an encouraging word from the manager to make it work well.


Your bottom line improves due to the efficiency of technology. While human beings will never ever be replaced by a robot or an app, the use of chatbots does improve your business income by reducing costs in staff hiring. As experienced by Alibaba, Xiaomi bot served at least six million customers non-stop — something that a human sales staff cannot do, ever. It’s not about bot vs. human. It is simply about enhancing business efficiency to maximize profits. Who doesn’t want that?


Chatbots are fun. A good chatbot developer doesn’t design a stale, boring voice software that will put your customers to sleep. They maximize creativity to make sure your customers get the graphics and sound that delight and amuse them. More and more, these bots are becoming more personalized and soon we might see user-defined bot features become a staple in popular gadgets.


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