Social Media Marketing

AlfaFusion helps our clients navigate through the intricate, sometimes daunting, world of social media, to effectively engage their customers and create conversations around their brands. But more difficult than creating buzz is to sustain connections amid thousands of companies coming up with all sorts of gimmicks and promos to grab attention. Done right, social media marketing not only creates fleeting interactions but captures valuable lead information for building customer databases. These are then used to develop stronger, more lasting ties through the creation of content that makes customers come back for more.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing encompasses all activities that companies engage in over communication platforms such as social media websites and mobile messaging applications, with the purpose of reaching out to target publics such as prospective customers, potential partners, suppliers, and other media; to engage them and create meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships for the pursuit of common goals.

Social media marketing has become an indispensable arsenal in every marketer’s toolbox. In simple terms, it is to be present where your target audiences are. Brands want to engage with them primarily for the purpose of promoting products and services but also to get insights on customer needs and wants for the development of new products. Marketers also use social media platforms for gathering feedback and customer sentiments, providing after-sales service to enhance the customer experience, addressing complaints, and developing and rewarding brand advocates.

Social media marketing is now at the forefront of customer engagement. It delivers powerful, custom-designed communications to specific audience groups. It is like having focus groups on a large scale, revolutionizing the way brands interface with customers. Communication and feedback are instant and relatively less costly, making social media marketing a crucial function of the marketing mix.

How does social media marketing complement organic Google searches?

Social media marketing benefits companies more than the obvious ways. It complements search engine optimization efforts and helps companies get good rankings in Google organic searches. In fact, social media is a major source of discovery and traffic for brands. Companies cannot do well on search engines if they neglect their customers on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Youtube and many others.

Brand awareness, traditionally achieved through expensive tri-media advertising, means more people know and search for your brand online. The more searches containing your brand keywords, the more relevant Google deems your site to be. A site’s relevance relative to other websites is a major factor Google tries to determine in its algorithm for ranking sites. With social media platforms made up of hundreds of millions of users, a brand can achieve the visibility and interactions they need to increase brand awareness. Without the exorbitant costs associated with television and print advertising, successful social media marketing has the benefit of equalizing the competitive arena, empowering even small businesses to compete with large corporations, as social media platforms can usually be used for free.