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We are a digitech agency that builds intelligent, enterprise chatbots.

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A website is worthless if no one can find it online.

Search engines are still the primary means of research for most internet users. Despite the huge help brought about by social media, good search engines rankings still drive majority of the web traffic you need for your website. These use secret algorithms to determine the relevance of a webpage. The more useful search engines consider your website to be, the higher your ranking on search results. This means more visitors for your site, more prospects, and ultimately, more sales.

Without SEO, it would be difficult for a website to rank high on search results pages and this is crucial because most users don’t look beyond the first couple of pages.

What’s also important to note is that search engines provide targeted traffic – those looking specifically for what you have to offer. And unlike most forms of online marketing, which interrupt a web user’s activities on the Internet, search engines are non-intrusive and are able to provide your information to customers right when they need it.
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