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Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is a type of online marketing that promotes a business by increasing the visibility of its website on search engine results pages through paid advertising. Simply put, it is the process of buying traffic for your website through paid search listings.
A pioneer in the field of Search Engine Marketing services in the Philippines, and one of the early practitioners of SEM in Asia, Alfafusion offers not just years of experience but expertise. We provide SEM that is not only effective but also low cost.


Through SEM, advertisers are able to bid on keywords and phrases that their target market would most likely type in on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing when searching for specific products or services. Whenever an individual is actively searching for your keywords, your advertisement will appear along with the organic search results for his/her query. Ads are usually displayed at the very top or on the right side of search engine results pages, therefore making it very easy for those looking for what you have to offer to access your site. Through SEM, your business is given the opportunity to appear right in front of your target market just when they are looking for you, or to be there for them in their exact time of need. This of course leads to more clicks for your website, which can be converted into customers.


One key advantage of SEM is that it provides a quick and effective way for your business to be visible on search engines. This is especially helpful for businesses that are just starting and would like to build brand awareness. SEM jumpstarts driving traffic to your website, and you won’t have to wait for several months in order to start seeing results. Once you start your advertising campaign, you can get clicks right away, and you will be able to measure and analyze people’s response and your click to conversion rate through metrics that will enable you to see how effective your campaign is, and allows you to adjust it accordingly in order to yield the best possible results.


SEM is also cost-effective in that the advertiser only pays when an Internet user clicks on the ad, hence the term, ‘pay per click’. This means that you are only paying for leads who are interested in your product or service and ensures that you are not wasting your resources.
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, especially here in the Philippines, SEM has definitely proven to be one of the most effective and low cost ways to build presence, promote your product or service and grow your business. Through a successful SEM campaign, see results that are not only immediate but also highly profitable.


With over 7 years of experience doing search engine marketing services, you can rest assured that our SEM professionals are focused on delivering results that really matter to your business – not just increased traffic but increased sales, and not just higher rankings but a higher ROI.

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