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AlfaFusion is an 18-year old digital marketing agency based in the Philippines. Founded in 1998 during the first wave of Internet marketing firms and long before "digital marketing" became a byword, AlfaFusion has been in the business of developing marketing-effective websites and helping our clients achieve business goals.

AlfaFusion's Holistic Marketing approach encompasses all avenues to connect you with your customers. Beginning with websites that let you be found on Google and other search engines, we provide enhanced user experiences that create positive sentiments for your brand.

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  • AlfaFusion Blog - How Effective Web Development Can Increase Your Sales

    How Effective Web Development Can Increase Your Sales


    Developing an online store isn’t just about impressive visuals or artsy design. Many online businesses unfortunately focus on this too much and use elements such as flash animations, which can actually slow down a user’s browser, or use color schemes that do not really send the right signals to shoppers.

  • AlfaFusion Blog - How to Make Your Website SEO Friendly

    How to Make Your Website SEO Friendly


    Web design isn’t just about designing your website for your target audience. It is also important to design it for search engines – meaning designing it in a way that these search engines would take notice of your site and find your content to be deserving of a high ranking on their results pages.

  • AlfaFusion Blog - How to Improve Your Mobile SEO

    How to Improve Your Mobile SEO


    With numerous studies proving that more and more people are now using their mobile phones to get on the web, and that people spend more and more time on their mobile phones to search, it is clear that mobile phones are on their way to becoming the primary way for people to access the internet.

  • AlfaFusion Blog - 10 Sites To Use For Sharing Videos

    10 Sites To Use For Sharing Videos


    We all know that Youtube reigns supreme when it comes to videos, whether you would like to watch them or share them. And indeed, why post your videos anywhere else when you can upload them on the most popular video-sharing site out there?

  • AlfaFusion Blog - 6 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Page

    6 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Page


    Facebook has definitely become not just a social media platform for individuals, but a great and effective marketing tool for businesses as well.

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