Mobile Marketing

AlfaFusion has a team of mobile applications developers that create user-friendly and marketing-effective mobile apps to help our clients promote sales.

Why the sudden widespread use of mobile applications for business and ecommerce?

Mobile marketing is basically reaching out to and engaging with your customers via a mobile device such as an IOS or Android smartphone or tablet. What’s great about mobile marketing is that it enables brands to target their messaging and offers to customers within a specific location and timezone. In the Philippine setting, while most of web traffic comes from desktops and laptops (63% in 2016) versus mobile web traffic (29% in 2016), there was a rapid increase in share of web traffic by 53% from mobile phones compared to the previous year.

Mobile phone ownership is at a high of 87% and smartphones and tablets, in particular, at 55% and 24% respectively, giving companies access to over 35 million Filipino users, potential buyers of products and services. It is no wonder that more and more companies are joining the bandwagon with their own custom branded apps.

The steep rise in mobile access to the Internet and the growing use of mobile computing for work and entertainment have proliferated mobile applications of every kind from game apps to productivity and work apps over the past few years. Brands are outdoing each other in developing ever more creative ways to connect with customers via mobile applications. With call functions, smartphones enable customers to immediately call sellers from mobile sites and apps to inquire about or order products, making the buying process easy and intuitive.

As with search engine optimization of websites for high Google rankings, mobile apps also need to be promoted in an online store to increase downloads. More downloads mean more ways to increase top of the mind awareness among users through geo and demographically targeted advertising; more ways to gain marketing intelligence from the behavior of specific audience profiles, and of course greater opportunities to sell products.