Email Marketing

Email marketing, contrary to what some people may be telling you, in this day and age of social media, is definitely not dead. In fact, even with the birth of other forms of online communication, email still remains to be a vital tactic in staying connected to consumers, and in a personal way. Many may deem social media to be more personal, but when it comes down to doing business and communicating with clients, email still remains to be the best and most professional medium. It also remains to be one of the easiest, most effective, (and not to mention, inexpensive) ways of cultivating relationships with customers and prospects, as well as in growing your business.

Not everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account, but many of those who don’t most likely have an email account. There are even statistics to prove that there are 3X more email users than the users of Facebook and Twitter combined. This indeed goes to show that email still has a broader reach when it comes to online marketing, which is why it is important for your business to be taking advantage of this oldest yet most effective tactic in the book, with the help of an email marketing expert or email marketing services Philippines.

Email marketing helps you easily connect with your customers, and in a highly-targeted way, helping you gain more success in generating revenue back to your business. And indeed, when it comes to driving conversions and delivering ROI, email beats all other marketing channels. Through email marketing, ensure that your audience gets your message. Statistics show that only 2% of your followers on Facebook will get to see your posts on their newsfeed, while 90% of the email you send will get to the inbox of your recipients. By delivering highly personalized and relevant messages, keep your customers informed and interested about your business, and nurturing your leads will surely point you to success in your email marketing campaign.

For business owners who are too busy to handle email marketing on their own, our Web marketing professionals at Alfafusion are definitely able, ready and excited to help you!