Content Creation and Marketing

Content creation or content marketing involves the production and distribution of content to attract customers, sell products and increase loyalty. Depending on the nature of your product and your target customers, we can create quality content that your broad potential market or niche market will want to consume. This requires a deep understanding of the demographics and psychographics of your audience, the things that motivate them to buy, their education, jobs and lifestyle — and creating engaging content that benefits their lives.

A self-centered brand often turns 21st century consumers way off by their company-centric monologue. Today it’s all about the consumer and successful online marketing understands that in order to keep them coming to see your brand, you need to talk their language and speak about what keeps them entertained, informed, and educated. The breadth and depth of options available online have subjected marketers to more sophisticated consumers–therefore, more powerful customers. These consumers know how to get the information they need and want and in their preferred formats, too. The attention span of online users leave much to be desired and the challenge to marketers is to sustain interest in the midst of so many brands, products and services vying for their time and attention.

Content that is of use to consumers in order to enhance their lives, learn skills and develop relationships add value to their experience of your brand, fostering brand loyalty. Communities congregate around shared values and interests. This pull strategy nurtures prospects, strengthens interest, creates vibrant conversations among loyal customers and prospects around your brand. A strong content strategy is therefore crucial to sustaining your brand’s relevance over time.

Transforming Brands to Media Companies

Companies build branded channels online wherever their customers are. There is a need to transition into their own media companies, performing many of the same activities as media websites such as news and magazine sites, education and research sites, special interest sites, and particularly, entertainment sites. The goal is to strengthen these channels, edge out (or decrease) paid media spending, and generate conversions by consistently churning out interesting and unique content.

Created and marketed content can be in the form of articles, photos, video such as viral clips and webinars, music, audiobooks, ebooks and research papers, infographics, tutorials and reviews, and others.