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3 Game-changing Uses of Chatbots in Retail

Along with times changing and technology advancing, customer expectations become more and more unconventional and challenging when it comes to the retail industry. Good thing there are chatbots that can keep up with the evolution of retail and address the multiplex needs of customers. Here’s how chatbots can provide a seamless shopping experience for your […]

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Chatbots for Personalized Traveling in Your Travel Agency

With the growing number of travelers who opt for do-it-yourself trips instead of ready-made itineraries, what strategy can travel agencies of today possibly come up with to match their standard tours against personalized traveling? The answer? Chatbots. With chatbots, travel agencies can integrate self-service and customization into generic tour packages so they can provide customers […]

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6 Ways You Can Use Chatbots If Your Business is Show Business

  For a business that has content for commodity and contemporaneity as its currency, the media and entertainment industry could really learn a thing or two about how it can wield chatbots – which also lives on content and being up-to-date – to do its bidding. Here are the 6 different ways you can take […]

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5 Ways Chatbots Put the Fast in the Fast-moving Consumer Goods Industry

  The Fast-moving Consumer Goods industry has always been about establishing the value of commodity as necessity in people’s daily lives. Luckily, chatbots can deliver the FAST in fast-moving consumer goods and make sure that your company maintains its profit and never forgets the CONSUMER in the FMCG equation. Here are all the ways how: […]

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8 Crucial Facebook Messenger Statistics for Your Business as of 2018

According to Statista, Messenger stands as the most popular messaging app worldwide based on its number of monthly active users as of 2018, which tells us that there is no better place for your business to be than inside Facebook Messenger, and what technology lets you do that other than chatbots? Here is a list […]

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4 Resourceful Ways You Can Use Chatbots to Get More Clients for Your Marketing Agency

To get clients, you can always go old school and run ad campaigns, ask for referrals, and make a round of cold calls… or you can do it the easy way and let a chatbot handle your sales for you. Here are some smart ways you can use chatbots to get clients for your marketing […]

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