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8 Things Chatbots Can do to Improve Your Commuting Experience

Underdeveloped infrastructure, unreliable highway systems, and overcrowded and heavily polluted commercial areas make up the nightmare that commuters are forced to live through everyday in some – if not most – parts of the world. Even though advancements are made on the daily, transportation systems simply cannot be fixed overnight. However, that doesn’t mean public […]

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How Chatbots Turn Grocery Shopping Into Smart Shopping

  Anybody who’s had their fair share of grocery shopping knows that it’s no picnic. Being a very demanding task, it can be quite an inconvenience to customers when their basic needs and expectations for efficiency are not met. So what if there’s actually a way for brands to make their customers’ shopping experience better? […]

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A Chatbot That Automates Your Business Processes is Just What Your Car Dealership Needs

With the high value placed on digitization and connectivity these days, how can the automotive industry rev up sales and drive new revenue streams from passing trends and cutting-edge technologies? The answer is what you get from the fusion of the ongoing trend on messaging platforms and the continued development of artificial intelligence – Chatbots. […]

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TelcoBots: Changing the Telecommunications Industry One Conversation At a Time

With the sudden inflation of connected devices and the market saturation that comes with it, aggressive competition between telecom companies, and the now blurred lines of data privacy, the telecommunications industry has a lot of growing and innovating to do to measure up to the modern definition of “being connected.” Thus, artificial intelligence and chatbots […]

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6 Ways Chatbots Provide Quality Customer Service for Restaurants and Fast Food Companies

The foodservice industry relies heavily on quality customer service to maintain brand loyalty. That said, food brands will benefit massively on chatbots which are an all-in-one tool that enhances a brand’s marketing strategy, helps it get closer to customers, and ultimately steps up its customer service. Here are 6 ways you can manage brand loyalty […]

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3 Game-changing Uses of Chatbots in Retail

Along with times changing and technology advancing, customer expectations become more and more unconventional and challenging when it comes to the retail industry. Good thing there are chatbots that can keep up with the evolution of retail and address the multiplex needs of customers. Here’s how chatbots can provide a seamless shopping experience for your […]

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