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Enterprise Chatbots for All-around Business Functions

Chatbots may be known to be good customer service providers but they can do more than just manage customer relationship online. Enterprise chatbots are specifically designed for large companies and major brands to take on internal and external functions across different platforms and online environments. Read on to get inside information on the different duties […]

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7 Use Cases for Chatbots in Banking

We know that the usage of messaging platforms has surpassed social media use since 2015. Chatting has replaced browsing and bots have ousted apps. Now that transactions are universally translated into conversations, this gives banks an opportunity to redefine their services online. Here are seven use cases for chatbots in banking:   1. Customer service. […]

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Chatbots for B2B Communications

Like the vast, unexplored depths of the ocean, chatbots and AI are a relatively new frontier with exciting possibilities waiting to be discovered. Breakthroughs in AI for enriching business to consumer relations have companies jumping into the bandwagon to launch sophisticated bots to provide better customer service. When it comes to leveraging chatbots for business-to-business […]

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Chatbots and Customer Service: Why You Need Them for Your Retail Business

  Defined as any virtual program that replicates human conversation, chatbots are widely used in different industries such as food service, healthcare, finance, and, most especially, retail. Chatbots are a snowballing movement on social media and messaging apps because more and more businesses recognize their their potential for enabling better customer service. Here’s how chatbots […]

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Mobile App Advantages: What Having a Mobile App can do for Your E-commerce Business

Mobile app users are a big wave of consumers constantly washing over the shores of the e-commerce industry. According to Statista, the total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 is 197 billion, while a full one third of e-commerce customers are mobile app users. So what does having a mobile app really do for […]

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Effective Digital Marketing Strategies of 2018

The internet is a place that has its own civilization. Almost every other new fad and trend we know nowadays originates online so businesses have to adapt their marketing efforts according to the advances in technology. It’s nearly impossible to calculate let alone predict what exactly gets people’s attention, sparks their interest, and causes them […]

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