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Chatbots for Customer Care in Your Insurance Company

If there’s a fourth basic human need, it would be insurance. Today, customers entrust their protection and security only to the best insurance companies in the world, so why should they relegate customer service to anything that can do less? While your insurance company handles investment care, chatbots can deal with customer care for you. […]

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Love Goes Digital: Love Chatbots on FB Messenger

Love really knows no boundaries. Today, love seeps even through the cold, lifeless grids of cyberspace with dating apps, websites, and programs dedicated to bring love online. Now, with chatbots’ presence on our most used messaging apps, love has the chance to reach us more personally and intimately. This Valentine’s day, discover chatbots that can […]

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How Chatbots Can Help You If Your Business is in the Hospitality or Tourism Field

The more sophisticated technology becomes, the smarter consumers get about what they want. Now that consumers began to favor digital brand interaction, marketers quickly latched on and began to cultivate a breeding ground for E-commerce on social media and messaging platforms, and chatbots and AI are the number one technology that businesses can rely on […]

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What do Consumers Think About Chatbots?

Ever since chatbots rode shotgun alongside the latest trend of messaging being the new social media, chatbots became the new apps. With their versatility and serviceability designed specifically for their users, it is expected for consumers to like chatbots. But what do consumers really think about chatbots? This is what we know so far:   […]

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5 Most Helpful Health Bots on FB Messenger

Saying health is wealth is like saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away… they may sound like cliched, age-old beliefs yet people do not really realize the importance and truth that these expressions hold. Luckily, there are bots out there that can prioritize our health for us when we forget to value it […]

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Chatbots for Small Businesses

It is no secret that more and more businesses are embracing the technology of AI and chatbots due to the different uses they have for different industries. Chatbots are commonly used for research, lead generation, customer service, content distribution, and affiliate marketing; but what most don’t realize is that the main goal of AI and […]

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