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A Customer Service Chatbot Like Bea of BPI is The Next Best Thing That Can Happen to Your Bank

Customer service is now being converted to conversational service which is rapidly becoming the new norm in the B2C (business to consumer) setup. With Messaging as a Platform (MaaP), conversations never have to end and businesses can (1) have direct communication with consumers, (2) personalize customer experience, (3) provide instant, real-time, 24/7 customer service, (4) […]

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Learn What a Superior Product Information Chatbot Looks Like With SAM on FB Messenger:

  When it comes to delivering product information, there’s nothing better suited for the job than a chatbot. Aside from breaking down heavy chunks of information into bite-sized, digestible messages and providing conversational customer service, chatbots can also turn simple inquiries into purchases; making them vital for customer retention and conversion. To further demonstrate how […]

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Here’s How Easy Booking Your Courier Services With a Chatbot Can Be

Booking courier services online is supposed to be the easy way out of sending a package, but with outdated and unresponsive websites that most courier companies have today, booking online might just turn out to be more than what you’d bargained for. Thankfully, today’s technology provides us with chatbots that can help deliver the swift, secured, […]

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How Chatbots Redefine Public Service for Government Agencies

  With everything being tied to social media nowadays, chatbots are a formidable device for businesses to stay in touch with consumers, which is why they are quite the hustlers in the private sector. However, it is often overlooked how chatbots can do just as much for the public sector; being that they are made […]

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8 Things Chatbots Can do to Improve Your Commuting Experience

Underdeveloped infrastructure, unreliable highway systems, and overcrowded and heavily polluted commercial areas make up the nightmare that commuters are forced to live through everyday in some – if not most – parts of the world. Even though advancements are made on the daily, transportation systems simply cannot be fixed overnight. However, that doesn’t mean public […]

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How Chatbots Turn Grocery Shopping Into Smart Shopping

  Anybody who’s had their fair share of grocery shopping knows that it’s no picnic. Being a very demanding task, it can be quite an inconvenience to customers when their basic needs and expectations for efficiency are not met. So what if there’s actually a way for brands to make their customers’ shopping experience better? […]

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