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We are a digitech agency that builds intelligent, enterprise chatbots.

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AI & Chatbots

First there were websites, then mobile, then apps, and now chatbots!

Conversational commerce powered by Artificial Intelligence is the biggest paradigm shift of this era. Now you can deliver fun and entertaining interactions that bring you to a level of customer engagement like never before. Imagine the power you wield in your hands with the ability to talk to millions of Facebook users in concurrent, personalized and real time conversations?
Dominating business and tech news in 2016 and even more in 2017, chatbots are definitely here to stay as large brands scramble against each other to launch into botspace ahead of competitors!

While you were sleeping, early bot adopters have been busy….


  • • Supporting sales with on-demand product information and lead generation.
  • • Selling products and services with bot ecommerce.
  • • Creating bot personas and conversations that add value to their brand.
  • • Keeping users coming back with timed, entertaining messages.
  • • Eliminating customer waiting times and providing automated, 24/7 customer service.
  • • Cutting call center costs exponentially with unlimited, concurrent customer interactions.

Wondering what features you need for your chatbot? Whatever your business objectives, a chatbot can deliver! Here are some of the ways different types of businesses are leveraging conversational commerce to reach their audiences in the age of bots. The possibilities are endless.

Travel & Hotel Bot
Help customers easily search for and book flights or hotel accomodations, explore shops, restaurants, services, amenities and more with your travel chatbot
Retailer Bot
Provide a fun shopping experience to your customers with the help of a virtual shopping buddy – helping them choose from your product catalogue and giving sound fashion advice
Banking & Finance Bot
Support sales by providing information on your banking products and promos and automate customer service to reduce costs.
Hospital Bot
Educate patients on how to prevent diseases and keep healthy, help patients find the right doctors for their ailments, and provide directory assistance.
Food Ordering Bot
Your food ordering bot assists customers in choosing and ordering from the menu, as well as in the delivery or pick-up of an order.

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